Price list

In order to get full access to the tos aplication, after creating the account, you need to make a one-time verification payment of PLN 2 from the bank account of the company for which the tos account was created.

The purpose of the payment is to confirm the correctness of the data provided when registering the account in the tos system with the data from the bank transfer. Thanks to this we know that the account you created belongs to the company that actually exists.

The only user who pays for using tos is the recipient of the e-invoice. The net fee of PLN 0,27 is charged when the recipient accepts the e-invoice received from you on this account in the Invoices module.

Both the e-invoice issuer and the recipient, use the other system functions free of charge, such as:

  • issuing and delivering e-invoices,
  • keeping KPiR, VAT registers and generating JPK,
  • using the contractor database,
  • generating reports,
  • using the database of legal acts,
  • archiving of e-invoices.



Price list

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