Tos winner of Start-up Challenge contest in the category „Client & Business”

Tos winner of Start-up Challenge contest in the category „Client & Business”

On 11-12 may 2017 during European Economic Congress in Katowice, II edition of European Start-up Days conference took place.

This event was accompanied by a Start-up Challenge contest which determined 6 most promising polish start-ups in following categories:

  1. ​Industry 4.0. Robotics, automation, IT, new materials;
  2. Business & ICT, management, analyst and decision-making processes, HR;
  3. Tradition & modernisty, industry, energy, telecommunication, logistics;
  4. For human, biotechnology, medicine, ecology;
  5. Client & business: trade, customer experience, fintech;
  6. Lifestyle, IoT, leisure industry, others.

From almost 200 start-ups who applied jury chose 100 most interesting which had the opportunity to present their ideas at stands arranged by organizers.

The best 40 start-ups had a Chance to present itself on the scene of European Economic Congress and European Start-up Days.

The most important evaluation criteria were: innovation, team competences, knowledge of the market and konowlegde of the competition. We would like to inform that our tos application won in Client & business: trade, customer experience, fintech category.

Taking part in this meaningful event and winning in the contest allowed us to present ourselves to the representatives of the biggest corporations, investors and experts. Moreover, it was a great opportunity to learn, exchange views and get inspiration to change and for further actions.

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