The tos system update on January 14, 2020



Dear Sir or Madam,

Please be informed that on January 14, 2020 the tos system was updated.

The most important changes are:

• the ability to generate QR codes on invoices,

• adding in Actions of received invoices, the option of copying data for a transfer,

• adding the option to mark the document with the phrase "split payment mechanism" to the invoice template,

• adding a field to enter the social security contribution in the tax calculator,

• the option of loading user data from the CSO database has been added in the account registration window - the option speeds up the user registration process in the system.

The introduction of the option of copying data to transfers and the ability to generate QR codes on issued invoices are the main changes to this update. They are designed to speed up the process of making payments for invoices.

The QR code is a unique two-dimensional graphic sign in the form of a square, allowing you to save any information, in our case allowing you to save data for the efficient preparation of a transfer order. The tos application allows you to generate QR codes on issued documents that comply with the "Recommendation of the Polish Bank Association regarding a two-dimensional (2D) code enabling the execution of a transfer order and activation of banking services on the Polish market."

To make a payment using a QR code, you must download your bank's mobile application that allows you to scan codes. Then, scan the QR code on your device. The screen will display all the necessary data to complete the payment.


We are open to any suggestions of changes that are aimed at improving your work and developing the tos system. Any suggestions can be submitted to the address

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