InternetBeta 2018

InternetBeta 2018

On 19-21.09.2018 we participated in the next edition of the InternetBeta conference, which took place on the campus of the University of Information Technology and Management in Kielnarowa near Rzeszów.

It is a conference that connects various Internet and new technologies environments. It's a place to exchange experiences and different points of view.

Participation in the conference was 3 very intense days, which gathered over 800 participants. The conference once again showed how the Internet and new technologies are in constant development, which requires us to constantly improve our qualifications and broaden our horizons.

InternetBeta was a unique opportunity for us to meet people who manage the largest websites in Poland, represent the field of e-Commerce and startups. It is also an opportunity to meet investors and advertising agencies.

Participation in the conference, as in the previous edition, gave us the opportunity to establish business relationships that may result in a joint project in the future. Keep fingers crossed!

The place where the conference is organized and the fact that you are outside the city center, closer to nature, favors establishing relationships and opening your head to new content and knowledge.

Numerous attractions of the conference definitely favor the integration of the participants and create an unforgettable atmosphere. It is thanks to this climate that we will definitely return there next year.

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