III Industrial Forum in Karpacz

III Industrial Forum in Karpacz

On December 8-10, 2017, we participated in the 3rd Industrial Forum in Karpacz, organized by the Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies.

The Forum was attended by nearly 700 people representing large and medium-sized businesses, both from Poland and abroad, representatives of public administration, expert circles, scientists and journalists.

During the Forum dozens of debates, plenary sessions, presentation of reports and thematic blocks took place, in five paths: Economy, Investments, Innovations, Infrastructure, Society.

During the event there was also a panel "Synergy of startups and corporations - optimal cooperation models", attended by: Paweł Śliwa, vice president of innovation PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna, Marcin Zachowicz, director of communication with TDJ SA, Dominik Rutkowski, head of product and excellence with Billon and Patryk Arłamowski, CEO of Blebox.

For the first time there were a Start-up Session in which young entrepreneurs could present innovative ideas to a wider audience, including investors.

Startup Session is organized as part of the Economic Accelerator - a new initiative of the Institute for Eastern Studies. Economic Accelerator is a platform for meetings of business, politics, science and startups as well as support for the transfer of knowledge and experience between these groups.

During the two days of the conference 19 startups presented themselves, and 15 of them had their stands in a special exhibition area.

The link below presents the startups taking part in the 3rd Industrial Forum in Karpacz, among them we are also: 


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