1. How the issued invoice is sent to the contractor?

Issuing invoices in tos is synonymous with its being credited to the Issuers's account and delivery to the Recipient on his tos account.


2. Is the delivery of invoices using tos the same as sending an invoice by e-mail?

Under no circumstances do we send invoices by e-mail. Mail servers are not secure and anyone can impersonate a reliable e-mail sender. In addition, e-mail is a system used for communication and not sending accounting documentation.


3. How does tos send invoices?

Sending invoices takes place inside the tos system between the Issuer's and the Recipient's accounts.


4. What does it mean that we send invoices via tos?

This means that the invoice, at the time of its issue, goes to the Recipient's account in tos.

5. How do I know that the invoice will reach the recipient?

Counterparties are identified on the basis of a tax identification number and thus the invoice will not be sent to anyone else.


6. Can we send an invoice to everyone?

Yes, provided the Recipient is a company and has an account in the tos system.


7. Who can I issue an invoice, if only I am in the system?

You can issue an invoice to any company, but unfortunately you can not send it to anyone in the tos system.


8. What happens when only half of my recipients are in tos?

It's a success! All issued invoices are in one system, half of the invoices are delivered by tos, and you send the other half as before (by post or e-mail).


9. What happens when only half of my Suppliers are in tos?

You receive half of the invoices in the tos system, and you can enter half of the invoices in the tos system manually.


10. How can I see the invoice I received?

After logging in to your account in the tos system, use the Preview option in the Invoices module. In addition, you can generate an invoice in pdf file format and save it to your computer's hard drive.


11. How will tos improve my work?

tos will automatically send invoices to your customers. You do not have to copy invoice data to the KPiR and VAT registers, because in this way, we automate the booking process. You do not waste time supplying invoices to an accountant, you do not have to look for them in an email inbox, you will never lose invoices. In addition, you can be sure that your invoice will reach the Recipient.

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