Mobile application for managing e-invoices

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The mobile aplication, like the rest of the system, guarantees data security because we use the highest class data security, including encryption using an SSL key.

The tos invoicing application has many advantages. The biggest benefit of using it is the possibility to issue an invoice online and automatically deliver it to the contractor. You issue an invoice, and when it is issued, it goes to your client's account in tos. It is convenient and easy to use invoicing tool.

The tos mobile application allows, among others on:

• issuing and simultaneous delivery of an e-invoice to the customer on the account in tos,

• preview of e-invoices received on the account in tos,

• confirmation of received e-invoices,

• issuing and approving the received e-invoice in the mobile application is tantamount to including it in the KPiR and the VAT Register in the program's online version.

Remember!!! Mobile means everywhere. All you need is a phone or tablet and Internet access.

We created the invoicing application taking into account the customer's natural behavior on the site, thanks to which it was planned so that the user could easily find the most important functions. All this makes invoicing online fast and fun.



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