tos is a secure system for sending e-invoices, between companies, so as to free people from cumbersome duties related to handling paper invoices.

Thanks to tos, you have all invoices in one place and you can manage them. Never issuing and receiving electronic invoices has been so easy.

You will issue invoices, and they will be automatically delivered to clients' accounts in tos - invoice recipients, without the need to print or generate a pdf file and send them by e-mail.

You will receive invoices from your contractors who have an account in tos, without having to carry them in files, log into several websites to receive them or open fake e-mails.

Issuing e-invoices in the tos program

Everything happens inside the system, the seller after completing the invoice form clicks "Exhibit and send", the invoice is simultaneously issued and sent to the account of the relevant customer in tos.

Countractors are identified on the basis of a tax identification number and thus the invoice will always be sent to the appropriate buyer.

Remember that everything is happening inside the system, which means that you as a seller issue and deliver invoices to your recipient in tos, but at the same time you have the option of collecting invoices that have been issued for you.

Invoices are available to the exhibitor and the recipient already a second after the transaction, and additional system functions allow the data contained in the invoices to be automatically included in the KPiR and VAT Registers.

Program for invoices for companies

An effective and secure program for delivering e-invoices is the basis of every modern enterprise. It helps you reduce the costs associated with the operations of the accounting department of your company or accounting office with which you work.

All electronic invoices (sent and received) are saved in the application in the so-called cloud, thanks to which e-invoices are available from any computer or mobile device, such as a tablet or phone. This allows you to view the e-invoices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

An online or paper invoice is a document that is supposed to contain detailed information about the transaction. If it is issued incorrectly, we may encounter unpleasantness, mainly from the Tax Office.

The amendment to the provisions of the VAT Act meant that since 2014, every entrepreneur has been able to issue an invoice, it does not matter whether he is an active or passive taxpayer of this tax. If we are authorized to issue invoices, we must specify exactly what should and should be avoided. The invoice structure itself is determined by law. Pursuant to the provisions of the Act on tax on goods and services, Art. 106e paragraph 1 invoice should contain at least the date of issue, as well as the next number assigned within one or more series, which uniquely identifies it. The invoice must also include the name and surname or name of the taxpayer and the buyer of the goods or services, as well as their addresses, and the number by which the taxpayer is identified for tax purposes. There must not be a number by which the buyer of the goods or services is identified for the purposes of tax or value added tax under which he received the goods or services. You must also specify the date of delivery or completion of the delivery of goods or service, or the date of receipt of payment, if it took place before the sale, if such date is specified and differs from the date of invoice.

Next, it should contain the name of the service or the goods sold, as well as the measure and quantity of goods delivered, or the scope of services rendered. There must also be a unit price that the buyer has paid for the good or service, as well as the amount of any discounts or reductions, including in the form of a rebate for earlier payment, provided that they have not been included in the net unit price. Ultimately, there is also the value of the goods or services provided, subject to the transaction without the amount of tax, the rate of VAT alone and the sum of the net sales value broken down into sales subject to individual tax rates and sales exempt from tax. At the end we put the total amount due.

Issuing this document yourself is complicated and time consuming, which is why an electronic invoice is a much more beneficial solution. We recommend using the free invoice program tos.


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