The tos application has many advantages, thanks to which it enjoys the trust of entrepreneurs, business owners and accountants. It allows you to improve the functioning of the company, reducing the costs associated with traditional accounting.

Our unique solution has a positive effect on work efficiency. Automation of accounting processes means that you do not have to deal with invoices yourself - tos will do it for you. You can devote the time and resources needed to rewrite, arrange, archive and deliver invoices to the accounting office for the development of your company.

tos is a solution that improves the operation of your company.

An extensive database allows you to save contact details, bank account numbers and other information about the customer. What's more, by entering the contractor into your database in tos, it is enough to know its NIP number, and the program will download the name and address from the GUS database.

tos has a Reports module that will help you in your day-to-day business management. By generating a Report by representative, you receive comprehensive information about invoices issued by individual traders in your company. You will also receive full information about revenues and costs in various cross-sections.

tos is extremely easy to use, and the intuitive interface of the program allows you to conveniently and easily use all the functions of the application.

tos is above all an investment in the development of your company. By choosing to use the application, you enter your company into the 21st century and give a signal to all your contractors that your company is modern, development-oriented and new technologies supporting business.

Tos application for better operation of your company.

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