Carrying out online accounting using the tos application is an offer for entrepreneurs who value freedom of action and mobility.

The tos application has been constructed so that the user can navigate in a friendly, simple way. It is worth noting that online accounting is intended for any company, in particular one that carries out its settlements based on the Revenue and Expense Tax Book.

With the tos application, you can intuitively not only issue an e-invoice, but also keep a Revenue and Expense Tax Book, settle VAT, and generate SAF files.

tos operates in accordance with tax regulations and ensures full security of data processing. Thanks to generated VAT Registers and SAF files, you can easily meet your obligations towards the tax office.

Remember !!! Keeping online accounting in the tos application is an indispensable tool for doing business in one place. It's convenience and speed of action.

In the tos application, we automate the accounting process. This means that data from invoices issued, as well as data from invoices received, are automatically included in the KPiR and relevant VAT Registers. Thanks to this function, invoice data goes to the relevant records in real time.

Our unique accounting system has a positive effect on work efficiency. Accounting automation means that you don't have to deal with invoices yourself - the accounting system will do it for you. You can spend the time and resources needed for rewriting, arranging, archiving and delivering invoices to your accounting office to grow your business.

The tos system is an excellent tool for eliminating errors and mistakes made when copying invoices, and thanks to the reduction of paper consumption, it is environmentally friendly.

Benefits of using the tos application:

• using tos is the end of delivering invoices to the accounting office - if you received an e-invoice online in tos and accepted it, it was also automatically sent to your accountant,

• each e-invoice is automatically sent to KPiR and the relevant VAT Register, which means that you no longer have to rewrite invoice data,

• you have access to financial data around the clock,

• the application is available in the browser, so you do not have to install it on your computer and update it,

• all data is well protected,

• the application is easy to use.

The tos program was created in response to market demand. Thanks to it, automation in accounting has become a reality, and the hours spent scanning or searching for the right invoices have been forgotten. The tos application allows you to conduct online accounting, which is convenient, simple, and above all cheap. Our innovative program enables accounting automation, thanks to which all invoicing processes are carried out faster. Online accounting will significantly speed up the functioning of your company and reduce the costs of running it.

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