The innovative tos application has the necessary tools for effective bookkeeping, thanks to which it improves the company's operations.

As a user of the tos system, you can run a Tax Revenue and Expenditure Book and settle VAT tax.

tos operates in accordance with tax regulations and ensures full security of data processing. Thanks to the generated VAT Registries and SAF files, you can easily meet your obligations to the tax office.

Thanks to the automatic transmission of data from e-invoices issued in tos, they are sent to the KPiR and VAT Registers in real time.

Data from invoices received via the system, after your acceptance, will also be automatically saved in the KPiR and in the relevant VAT Registers.

The use of the tos system allows you to eliminate errors and mistakes made while retyping invoices, and thanks to the reduction of paper consumption, it is environmentally friendly.

By sending invoices online, you can save time and money. Posting invoices has never been so easy.

Thanks to API, tos is compatible with accounting systems. If you issue invoices in another program, you can import them into tos.

The application also allows you to export issued invoices from tos, in order to post them in another financial and accounting system.

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