See for yourself how simple it can be to run a business
With tos, you can easily and safely display e-invoices, keep accounting, generate SAF files
Check what modules you will find in tos
manage all invoices
The invoice module allows issuing and sending VAT invoices as well as receiving and accepting invoices received from suppliers
Revenue and Expenditure Book
Keep a book of revenues and expenditures in a simplified form
The Revenue and Expenditure Book module allows automatic entries in the book based on received and sent invoices
VAT registers
create sales and purchase vat records based on accounting documents
the module enables to keep VAT Registers and to generate SAF_VAT file
create the base of your clients cooperating with the company
The module allows you to add and manage new contractors to the database
analyze cooperation with contractors
the reports module allows you to create your own reports
My Documents
Create folders and throw in legal acts and other documents
The module allows you to systematize documents that you use at work
Get to know the applications for issuing, receiving and sending e-invoices
Use a secure tool to manage e-invoices, keep the RaEL, VAT registers, and generate SAF files.
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